• Product website — 2016
  • Role: Concept & design

Salanova a premium lettuce brand developed by Rijk Zwaan. We teamed up with them to create a colorful showcase of the Salanova products and motivate consumers to show their Salanova creations.

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The Salanova brand is one of a few who does’n only want users to just buy their lettuce. They also want to enable the home grower who likes to grow their own Salanova.

The Salanova consumer

Instead of telling users how great Salanova is, we enabled the fans to let them share their Salanova creations. With a mix of own and shared content, the homepage is a collection instagram photo’s, recipes, video’s and own product images.

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Each lettuce has its own taste and texture and can be used in a variety of salads. We used rich recipes with video and a step-by-step guide to inspire the users.

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A colorfull mix

In addition to using shared content we wanted to show the richness of the product assortment. A colorful design, combined with the product images enrich the product page.

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Mark Tunzi

Digital Designer

Mark Tunzi

Digital Designer