• Agency website — 2016 / 2017
  • Role: Brand concept, design & motion

Hoppinger is a full-service agency focussing on open-source web development. With a shift from a tech-only agency to full-service agency, the visual language had to change as well.

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Started in 2001, hoppinger has a long tech only heritage. But in order to grow as an agency the focus has been shifting to a more full-service approach.

Clients first, agency second

Instead of focussing on the agency itself, we changed the focus on the work and the clients hoppinger works with. Starting with showcases on the homepage.

Seamless animations

One of the important components is the use of page transitions. Every page is seamless integrated as part of the brand experience.

Unique client showcases

Every showcase is uniquely designed to tell the story about how hoppinger added value and what the approach was for a particular project. Every image or video used is meant to enhance this story.

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Visual language

As part of the branding, we developed a visual language for all photography

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Mark Tunzi

Digital Designer

Mark Tunzi

Digital Designer